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December 2015

Cantorum Choir is delighted to announce that for the year 2016 we have concluded a sponsorship deal with the management and recruitment consultancy firm Aspen Worldwide. The terms of the deal remain confidential but will enable Cantorum to take on yet more ambitious projects and also to raise more money for our chosen charities. Aspen are keen to support the arts and have asked Cantorum to invest some time in encouraging young local singers and promoting musical talent. The term of the sponsorship is for one year, but both parties hope this will become a long term partnership. “I am delighted,” said Gordon Donkin, Chair of Cantorum. “It is simply wonderful news. This enables us to move the choir forward to greater things as well as to invest for our future.”    

Other December News: In addition to preparing and performing their full scale Christmas Concert, Cantorum also sent smaller groups of singers to provide music at a corporate event, a retirement home and at Concertini, a scheme which allows young children and babies to listen to and interact with live music.