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Summer 2020

The end of another season, but it has been a very different year from the one we had planned. We were hugely disappointed not to perform the Rachmaninov Vespers at Eton College Chapel in March. Ever optimistic, we initially hoped things would be back to normal for our Jazz concert in June…but it soon became apparent that singing would be on hold for significantly longer. 

During lockdown we did not sit on our laurels. Although pining for group music making, we turned our attention to the Cantorum brand and website. We hope you like the results!

We were enormously grateful to those from the choir and potential Rachmaninov Vespers audience who chose to donate their subs and ticket money respectively to the choir, in order to make goodwill payments to the professional soloists that we had to cancel. So many freelance music professionals are in dire straits at this time, so it was important to us to be able to support them, and at our AGM the choir voted to support the charity Help Musicians this coming season.